Saturday, March 29, 2008

SDSR 2008 - GMR Time Trial

The day dawned warm and bright. Perfect for standing along the road shooting pictures of cyclists huffing up the hill. The spectators were fewer than those found in the Pyrenees or the Alps, but just as avid. Everyone on two wheels that passed by racing or not enjoyed indiscriminate cheering from the "crowd".

Our trek began at the start line and we hiked up the road past the first switchback at Monroe Truck trail until we found a good bit of incline and straightaway to catch the riders.

A commercial photographer, Kurt Jambretz of Action Images covering the race for Cycling News and Velo News took the center line.

He records the major domestic races TOC, Tour du Georgia, Tour of Mississippi, Sequoia. Malaysia was recent outing. His photo of the Tour of California 2008 caught the riders on a coastal bridge with a rainbow in the background graces the latest copy of Velo News. Kurt had a good eye for the riders form as well as equipment. Look at the rigidity of the upper body of that athlete. They are using an absurd amount of energy to keep their torso tight. Oh...thats unusual, that athlete is using their inner right foot to do all the pedaling.

All of the professional riders greeted him on the way down after their time trial was over.

The results from the time trial are listed on Southern Calif Velo Site.

Oscar Sevilla took the stage at 13 minutes 5 seconds. Cycling news also covers the race.

We have 900 images to sort through. and the mountain is calling me. I am hoping for a bit less traffic there today. :)