Friday, December 2, 2011

Tranquility 12/2/2011

Perfect day for a ride. Warm weather. Light winds. Tranquil Road. Left late enough in the morning to enjoy the full warmth of the sun. Late enough that the pummeling of Santa Ana winds one day prior roared at 50-97 mph fizzled into mere wisps of their ferocious selves. Late enough to see a large group of skate boarders done for the day. Late enough to enjoy the good will of those skate boarders who swept the road. Yes the road was pristine clean from bottom of Monroe to Coyote Corner (~ mile marker 10.78). Clear of tumble weeds, leaves, sticks, dirt and rocks. Thank you! Cleaner than many residential roads littered with palm fronds, leaves, seed pods, my own street included.

Tranquility. The number of vehicles on the road, I counted on one hand. While the outside world was tranquil the heart pumped, the lungs burst, the legs churned, and the eyes popped. Perfect ride. Solo.

The story of the day was of Ian and Kevin. Ian took the twists at 10.20 the reverse camber curve a bit too fast. He was one lucky dude as the car skidded into the berm. Lucky he was not an over the side statistic. Hope to see you two on bicycles next time. If not, remember the first run go slow and learn what's on the road. The most important thing is "Keep the cyclists alive".

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