Monday, February 20, 2012

SDSR GMR Time Trial

The San Dimas Stage Race Glendora Mountain Road Time Trial just got a little tougher. Less Flat. More Up. No the mountain did not move significantly, but the Start and Stop lines for this race did. The overall mileage stays the same at 3.7 or 3.8 miles. The new race start line is closer to mile marker 13.59. The lettering is still visible on the road. The race finish happens after the first right hand curve beyond the guard rail. If you reach mile marker 9.77 you have gone to far. Look for these markings on the road side.

Start. After the Adventure Pass Sign and before mile maker 13.59 (show in photo).
Stop. After the guard rail, first right hand curve and before mile marker 9.77.


Ron S. said...

I ride this regularly, not sure of your reasoning, because it is actually a bit easier. With the start further up the hill riders thus bypass that first 100 yds or so of 8% grade (I measured this yest.). The ave grade for the entire remaining course is a fairly steady 4-6% incl. the finish which is the same grade despite being placed further up the hill.
BTW, GMR blog great,thanks! GMR my fav climb for 25 years now, still the best ride/kept secret in So. Cal. Have learned to avoid the Ninja MC racers by riding weekdays ONLY! Love the recent quote in Tribune from a pro coach, "GMR is like a mini Alp de Huez". (In our own back-yard no less ; < )
Ron S. Walnut, Ca.(I grew up in Glendora)

GMR said...

Hey Ron,

The start line did not include the 8% grade by the forest station. The start line was close to the electronic sign. By moving the start line 2/10ths of mile of the way there was less flat and more "flavor". A bit more up.

Yes, GMR is a fantastic ride, winding up the San Gabriels with vistas to please and inclines to tease the muscles into endorphin highs.

25 years of riding GMR! Congrats. You must have stories to tell. Send them to me.

-- GMR

Ron S. said...

GMR - OK then so they must have moved the start down the hill to incorporate part of the 8%. I missed the GMR stage this year but had caught the past 3.
For 25 years have had all good GMR rides except one; caught a fast moving very cold rain storm one Sat morning in the late 90's. While we were gearing up I had the car radio on and heard no mention of rain. I am usually prepared, but this one caught me with only a light vest and arm-warmers. My buddy and I were of the "never quit" mentality back then, we NEVER turned back for anything before reaching the shed and often went on to do some of the Ridge Rd. It started misting about 1/2 way up, but we kept cranking, did'nt feel that cold while climbing; but on the decent this day was the closest I have ever come to hypothermia. Visibility was terrible, somehow we made it down in one piece, but pretty delerious from the cold! On Foothill Bl. I hit a rock somewhere East of Grand Av.,never saw it, while flying downhill at a pretty good clip. Crashed pretty good breaking my helmet, but luckily no serious injury incl the noggin! The rain is good for one thing, it eliminates most road rash. At least I did'nt crash on GMR, have had good fortune, even seen 2 mtn lions over the years!
BTW been trying to email Ray Clone's blog but it bounces, do you have contact info?
Looking for riding partners, my buddy just started working extra shifts incl. 6 - 7 day weeks!
He's the poor guy mentioned in the blog rushing home to do the stationary (poor guy)!