Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mt Baldy Village Tips

Got a request from reader who rode the L'Etape du California two years in a row where is a good place to refuel in the Village.

Knowing that you have done the L'Etape puts you into the strong man category. Hydration is so very important this time of the year and can topple the best of us. Doing the L'Etape, you may have missed spotting the amenities along the way. From Glendora Ridge Road, turn left onto Baldy Road. The first spot you will see on the left is the Post Office. Many cyclists hang out in the shade and fill up the water bottles from the public drinking fountain. Up the road from the Post Office are the Lodge and the Visitor's Center. There is a general store by the Lodge that sells bottles of water, trail mix, red vines, snacks, beer, shirts, etc. They stock a machine with a Powerade for $2 a bottle. Refrigerated water and chilled Powerade cools your core on a hot summer ride. The cashier of the store is a real kick. If you ask how she is, she is usually states, Too Damn Good! Just a few meters from the store is the Visitor's Center with public restrooms with running water. There is one other restaurant in the Village that is on the outskirts called the Buckhorn. In desperation one trip they provided water and had a few things to buy. Just for reference there is a water fountain at the Bike Shelter in the city of Glendora by the Equestrian Center near the traffic light of Boulder Springs and GMR. You know well there is nothing in between unless you have a Sag vehicle. There is a side trip down GMR to East Fork and a store at Camp Williams. It is out of the way and not really an option. Start early in the day and ride safe.

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