Sunday, August 19, 2012

Left the house at 8:15 much later than a hot August Sunday working its way up to 100+F. I noticed that I didn't have my normal pout of "I'm cold" as I started off up my street. It was already 80F warm and humid. I could have easily just sat inside like I did the day before. Lots of motorcycle traffic. More so than a Saturday. A few riders going up. I couldn't hang on long. No umph in the legs. Two nights of being awake at 2 am, sapped my energy. My goal quickly became ride to stay upright and not feel the pavement against my skin. Kevin was waiting at the shed as I approached my end point. He succinctly stated, You seem a bit off pace. His words were to the point. Kevin has his big ride planned for the village on Labor Day weekend with Jason. Kai rode up a few minutes later. I was surprised by Shorty in his backpack. Nice shades Shorty. One cyclist flew up the hill to the shed, it could only be, yes it was, wait for, the colors look right, yes it was Ken (no picture). Damn that man is fast. I met Dave on Thursday evening. It was pleasant
Kai and Shorty

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Bicycle Friends said...

@ Kevin, keep it up! Big ride coming up.

@ Annette, I rode with Matt up GMR on Wednesday. He rode fast and I was sore on Thursday!