Monday, November 5, 2012

Three Days

Three days of riding and hiking then riding again. A weekend chalk full of activities starting on a grey Friday that took a long time to warm up, I found every excuse to delay my start, my water bottles needing cleaning, my medical insurance needed checking and then ventured out about 10:28 am. Once there, it was plenty of road and few travelers. Mentally the ride seemed longer, and I had to pull myself along by reaching interim goals, on my way to the shed. I turned around at fork plus one.

Saturday, I hiked Claremont Wilderness Park a five mile loop with a college buddy. Amazing how a few miles can pound on your hips. Good to get the ground muscles going again.

Sunday another round up to the shed. Hotter than expected. Was I shivering on Friday? Now here I am sweating. Not the usual ground. Got out earlier than most as more folks were headed up as I headed down.

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