Friday, December 21, 2012


Brazilian Researchers have found that the ability to sit on the floor and then to stand up is linked to your longevity. The test is simple and speed is not important. You start with a perfect score of five for each activity. As you sit or stand if you use a hand, knee, or forearm to help you get up or down a point or half a point is subtracted. Those with high scores indicated good core strength or musculo-skeletal fitness. Folks with scores at the bottom had a six times higher rate of mortality from all causes over the next six years.

The ability to sit and stand indicated whether individuals would be able to accomplish basic living tasks such as picking up a dropped glasses, medicines or other necessities. If you score low the best news is that exercise such as walking, yoga, weight training, or swimming will help you improve. I tried my own test before I watched the video. I noticed the scrunching of those abs as I rose. I completed my standing without bracing a hand or knee. I like studying for a test and here is video.

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