Saturday, February 2, 2013

On the road 02/02/2013

What a difference warmer weather makes. Rain blasted through the weekend last week. This week the clouds were high and blanketed the sky with a rippling effect that looked like waves. The temperature warm in the 70s. Everyone had pent up needs to be on the road. The City of Glendora had stationed their portable electronic sign on Sierra Madre for the east bound traffic a few weeks earlier. The sign had blinked "Cyclists must obey all the laws. Share the road." The sign was noticeably absent this morning. We had thought it was odd as the large cycling ride usually rides west bound. As Bill and I prepared for the left hand turn across traffic this morning on Sierra Madre north onto Glendora Mountain Road, we waited for a truck to drive by. I stuck my arm and pointed a left hand turn. Two headlights were behind me. Motorcycle officers. "Stop over here." I wasn't certain if they were talking to me. I slowed to a crawl. They did not follow. They parked yards from the Sierra Madre Valley Center turn. I hoped they were CHP to patrol the road, however, they were city officials and they doled out numerous tickets to those who rolled through Valley Center stop sign to travel west bound on Sierra Madre.

At the bottom of Monroe Truck Trail, or the first left hand hair pin turn, a female cyclist with thick long hair flew by. I caught her draft and hung on for a mile pedaling up hill averaging 9 mph. A strong effort for me. Her cadence was fast and by focusing on the legs in front, it helped take my mind off my body. I glanced at my Polar cycling computer CS600 to get a peak at my speed but didn't focus too long, data can be deciphered later. The visualization of someone effortless pedaling in front of me was a great goal to get me super charged. I hung on for a mile before my body needed to let up.

 I passed a rider or two. another indication that it was a strong ride. It was a very solo ride in terms of cycling. There were plenty of other skateboarders, vehicles, motorcyclists and cyclists that dashed past. Every one brought their attitude today. Crossing the yellow line, racing their engines, speeding by. So dodging and keeping out the way was a bit more essential.

I stopped at the top of Monroe. Matt who rode with Bill, couldn't catch me today. It was warm and I wanted to go to Fork plus (not even one) to get a view of Baldy. and practice the climb up out of the fork. Enjoyed the view along Glendora Ridge Road, headed back and found Bill chatting with Mike of Full Circle Cycling.

Took a photo of one cycling group at the shed. Saw Alyce, Herb, Gina and Mr. Beanz. Chatted up Mr. Beanz and Herb in order to give Gina and Alyce a good head start.

Made it home safe. In Ray's words, "Yahooie".

Baldy from Fork Plus < 1 mile
Mike of Full Circle Cycling recalled his encounter with Glendora PD.
Group at the Shed
Mr Beanz
Baldy from Newman's


Patrick Crowder said...

We heard lots of sirens on GMR on Saturday. What happened?

Mr. Beanz said...

Ha ha your plan worked. The gals were at the shack before we could catch them! Always nice to see your gang ;-)