Sunday, March 10, 2013

Guide to GMR Mile Markers

BIGGER. BETTER. READABLE. As the fans have requested, Bill posted a larger image of the Guide to GMR Mile Markers.

Bigger Guide
Guide to GMR Mile Markers
MM 13.12 - Bottom of Monroe Truck Trail and GMR
MM 12.64 - The S-bends
MM 12.42 - Colby Trail and GMR
MM 11.90 - Upper Colby Trail
MM 11.39 - Small Wall - Great View
MM 10.98 - Pissed Off Mom - Turn Out
MM 10.78 - Windy Tunnel
MM 10.63 - Coyote Corner
MM 10.49 - Pothole
MM 10.20 - Twisty curves
MM 10.00 - New section of road
MM 09.49 - First Saddle - SDSR 2013 Finish
MM 09.30 - Feed Zone
MM 07.59 - Newman's Point
MM 07.01 - Start of a descent/Finish of an ascent
MM 06.51 - Second Saddle
MM 06.30 - Uphill to the shed
MM 05.58 - Shed, Shack, Maintenance Yard, or Pump House
MM 05.28 - Top of GMR, Top of Monroe Truck Trail


Mr. Beanz said...

I like the idea but the image is too small. I can't make out the markers using magnifier glasses. ;-(

Is there a trick to enlarge it after clicking on the image?

GMR said...

I have posted a link to the better image. GMR Guide to Mile Markers

Thanks for asking Mr. Beanz, my eyes need all the help they can get!