Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wednesday Ride

After Friday's ride on a day that temperatures peaked at 100F, the winter gear was packed away. Warm weather is here and good bye cold. Then the clouds appeared and rained over the weekend. It was still cloudy on Wednesday evening. I missed the blood pressure screening at work. The line was too long. Another colleague related how good they felt after visiting the gym. Cardio, weight training, keeping trim. Perhaps that spurred me on.
Still a moment's hesitation as I stood at the cusp of the garage dressed to ride with a warm jacket, leggings and a hat for the descent. I pushed on and the ascent by the Ranger's station was hard as always. Gaining momentum I felt power in the legs on the journey up the hill. Sitting back farther in the saddle. The speed increased nicely. My plan was to turn around when I saw friends coming down the hill. There were very few people out. Runners coming down from the Garcia/Ridge route.
I spied two riders in grey nearing POM corner riding up. I could hear talking. About a third of a mile in front of me. Rabbits to chase. I surprised myself as I closed the gap.
I recognized one of the riders, my friend.
Turned around at the saddle. Used all the warm gear for the freeze downhill. Strong ride. Calories burned. Endorphins coursing through the veins.

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Jason Castillo said...

Nice to see you getting out again. I am going to try to ride GMR Monday evening.