Sunday, June 23, 2013

GMR Reunion

Flashback to Monday February 7, 2011. Matt had taken a rare Monday off to ride up GMR. On his way back from the shed, he encountered a rescue team at mile marker 8.8. A young man of 22 years old from Diamond Bar/Walnut lost control of his mountain biker and fell down the steep terrain. Then miracles started happening. He had his cell phone after the fall. The phone was still working. He was able to type a message. Luckier still the message was sent. The search and rescue team airlifted him out and he survived.

Fast forward to a week ago when the mountain biker needed his first and last farewell to the fateful site before heading off to Colorado. Amazing still Matt again, just happened to be there for the reunion. Good luck, dude. Safe journeys.
Check out the original ABC video of the air rescue.

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