Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bonus Ride

The bottom gate was closed on Saturday morning while the upper gate was open. A few stray motorists traversed the road. Matt, Bill and I rode out to Glendora Ridge Road (Fork plus four). John met us at Fork plus 3.5. Met Andrew at the shed. He got a smokin' deal on his FDJ jersey.

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Ferds said...

Awesome, I'm glad Google turned up your blog, I am going to link to it from my Trailbuilder after-work write up, if you don't mind. I have been wanting to see some *serious* blogging about GMR, something that would last so that I could link to it from the things I write, so hopefully your blog won't go away any time soon. :)

In face GMR deserves an entry on Wikipedia, come to think of it.

When I get my article posted, it'll be to though it's going to take a couple more hours for me to finish.