Tuesday, January 21, 2014

GMR Opens Saturday .. maybe

Police at the gate said GMR would be open by saturday

From jan 3rd looking down from the motorway. This is a preburn photo.

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Ron S. said...

FYI Re. the GMR closed gate:
As has been my routine for 20+ years, A buddy and I rode GMR today (Wednesday - 1/ 22) by simply lifting our bikes over the 3 ft. gate. Nothing is posted prohibiting bikes, and there was no law enforcement present. The fire is apparently 100% contained.
Half way up, a green forrest service truck was coming down, he smiled and waved as we rode past.
The silver lining here is that a closed gate greatly enhances the GMR experience, so quiet and peacefull! Unless told otherwise by law enforcement, I never let it ruin a good ride.
Ron S.