Monday, February 17, 2014

Saturday's Ride

Saturday. The legs felt strong and they took me to Glendora Ridge Road Mile Marker 4. Or what I call Fork plus 4. Or the point of no return. It was day of connecting with friends along the road. Eric back from his hiatus and working on his goals of Solvang 100, Le Tape, Levi's Gran Fondo. Fixie John and Minnie in his backpack. I had to hear his narrow escape from the fire first hand. Ken who breezed past and spurred me on to hammer on the pedals. All before the first saddle. Everyone flocked to the road with promising weather. Bill was plowing up the road. Matt and Mark caught up with at the shed. First time on GRR for me in a while.

Baldy at GRR - mm4
Matt and Mark
Tanbark valley is clear while the city is enshrouded with clouds. Mt. Santiago is in the distance.
Baldy at GRR mm 1.2
Mt. Santiago
Mike at the shed.

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