Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekend Rides

Friday I popped out for a quick ride and got to mile marker 7 before the downhill to the shed. The moisture was quick thick and dark grey over the valley. Stopped at First Saddle for the view and chatted with Robert from Parliament of Owls. I got a first "tire" adventure with the dump trucks hauling dirt from behind the forest station to Irwindale. The water trucks sprayed the street and a fine layer of mud made the descent interesting.
Saturday Bill and I started out. The quietness of the road was a pleasant surprise. I commented to rider at the bottom gate that his red polka dot king of the mountain socks were apropos for the road. Mr. KOM caught me at mile marker 10. I kicked up the pace and rode his wheel for a mile then passed him by and stayed ahead for two miles. He passed me on the downhill. I raced to catch him on the uphill but not quite as my legs said it was the second day in the row. Matt and Joan were at the shed. Joan and Bill rode down and Matt and I pushed on to the Experimental Forest sign.

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