Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sunny Day - Long Ride

It was a day of catching up and saying good bye to my friend, John. His plan is to help those in need in the third world. His ability to power up to the shed on his Fixie will be missed.

Joan waited for me at the shed. I was a bit late as I took photos. The bugs were out in full force. I swatted one biting me on the hand through my glove! Joan was ready to head down, while I ventured forth.  Mike joined me on the ride to Glendora Ridge Road mile marker 4 - the Point of No Return.
The view from Fork plus four shows Glendora Ridge Road mile marker six turnout in the background.
The view from Glendora Ridge Road mile marker 8.3. It was a warm day and the lesson I learned was to use chilled water in the water bottles. Last week it was cloudy and chilly. This week it was sun, sun, sun.
The view never gets old.
I passed Norris on the way up to Glendora Ridge Road 8.3. He joined me on the down hill. And admired the view over the edge at mile marker 6.2.
His friend Leslie, caught up with us as we took photos.
The mental comfort of having others close by meant keeping up.  I did well on the hot ride up to Fork Plus 4 and didn't stop until the shed. I rode back to the shed with Leslie and Norris. It was a good break to catch my breath slug some water and polish off the snack.

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