Sunday, January 31, 2016

Winter Ride

It’s been two weeks since I’ve ridden the Road. Call it winter. Call it cold. Call it bad weather for the working stiffs limited to the weekends. Call it out of town family. Call it for what it really is, slacking, pure and simple. Where is the motivation to get on the indoor equipment after long days with head down earning a living. Funny work doesn’t quite seem like living. Call it unprepared.

 It’s been two weeks since my bike wheels have touched the Road. The mountain loomed larger in my anticipation of the ride. Enshrouded in an active grey veil meandering up the hillside the rising curves remained the same. The moisture of the sky stuck to anything that moved through it. Tiny droplets formed on my handlebars. Surprised was I when the skateboarders called it quits early in the day. The road slick from active dew.

I rode to First Saddle. Then called it quits. The first part of the descent the brakes grabbed grit on the bike rims. Yup. no more up for today. A bowl of hot soup awaits to revive me from the descent. Matt and Bill agreed. Saturday was a drier day overall than Sunday. 

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