Friday, April 1, 2016

SDSR Time Trial Favorites

Here are a few favorite riders from today's race

Gibson Kinley - Who was that Pro-Women's rider flying past me?

Helle - Team SAS. 

GMR is the flat lands to Pro-Men's GMR TT Winner Janier  Acevedo.

Janier Acevedo whizzing by at speed of light.
 Kristen Armstrong rocking up GMR to Win the Pro-Women's GMR Time Trial.
 Lindsay Bayer of team Hagens Bergman on the road.
 Stephanie Team SAS Macogep Acquisio Presented by Mazada. She's the top of her class.

Chris Horner - Winner of SDSR 2004 - GMR Time Trial. This mountain road feels like old times to me.

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