Sunday, May 22, 2016

More biking. Less Cleaning

In the quest to get from here to there some riders miss out on the vistas along the way. Picked up Matt and Len at the top of Monroe and rode out on Glendora Ridge Road to Fork Plus Four. The forest was at its best beneath blue skies and fat white clouds. It was a bit cooler than expected and the stop was good to warm up. Greg and Rick were returning from the village wearing multiple layers, providing real time experience on the chilliness of the descent. Greg is a super hero. He has triumphed over four melanoma surgeries and survived a staph infection. He relearned how to walk from the hospital stay and it is truly amazing to see him on the bike.
Matt and Len looked out at Baldy from Glendora Ridge Road Fork plus Four.
Rick has a keen sense of humor and wit.
Met up with Mark at the shed. It was a 30 mile ride with lots of catching up with friends. More time on the bike meant less time for cleaning and a need to recover.

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