Sunday, June 12, 2016

June Rides

Just when you think you can predict June weather it changes right before your eyes. Saturday, June 4th during the GMR Time Trial - hot sun streamed down from sun up to sun down. Friday, June 10th the over cast morning marine layer burned off to a beautiful sunny afternoon. Saturday June 11th, a higher marine layer promised a bit of sun at the top which disappeared as the thick wet clouds rolled up over the mountain as we chatted. Saturday afternoon it drizzled large drops that smacked the pavement as they landed. I call that rain. Just when you think you know June, you don't. Warm summer mid week rides turn to chilly spring rides on the weekend. Go figure.
Saturday June 4th. The GMR Time Trial Finish line. Complete with a King of the Mountain to cheer your finale.
Len on his historic GMR Time Trial event. It was hot with little wind.

June 6th. The Monday night ride with Joan, Heather and Cathy.
Cathy and Heather said that was a piece of cake.

Saturday June 11th. Sun shining. The yellow of the Spanish Broom painting the hillside.

Catching the rays. Len and Matt on Saturday. There was sun.

Saturday June 11th. This is a champion. She was shaking her head on the climb by the Ranger Station as her partner waited for her. I told her that section always kicks your rear. It does get easier. She made it to the shed. The first time in three years. congratulations.
Patience, Perseverance and Pedaling are his virtues.
A & J were on their way to Baldy. It was so good to meet you and chat.
Yes. I climbed Glendora Mountain Road and won. Excellent ride.
This view is from the first saddle on Saturday June 11th. the clouds have rolled in and covered everything. It was a chilly with a big dollop of moisture during the descent. Two great rides back to back on Friday and Saturday.

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