Monday, September 3, 2007

How Long does a Ruling take

While I have been waiting for the ruling in USADA versus Floyd Landis case, checking out the smoke on Peloton Jim's, and reading the daily musings of bloggers about the lengthy passage of time on Trust But Verify, I did my own digging into the facts of USADA verdicts. Having waded and traversed the rulings on the USADA web site, I have gleaned information on the opening day of past hearings to their arbitration awards. I was able to identify 39 cases where I could determine both start date of the hearing and signature or fax date of the award. Remember, no athlete has won against USADA. Although, I thought one athlete Genevieve Jeanson came pretty close to a reprieve in 2004 as she received a warning instead of a suspension for a missed test. Sadly though Ms. Jeanson was sanctioned in 2006.

So what is the news. As everyone can guess. The median point of the cases is 17 days. For Floyd his case is well beyond that point and if the ruling does happen by 30 September 2007 (thanks Bonnie D. Ford for that bit of info!) -- it puts Floyd's hearing to ruling length at 139 days. There are only four other cases longer. The 139 day demarcation is pictured above and circled in red. The four other longer running rulings were Chryste Gaines 155 days, Larry Wade 156 days,
Tyler Hamilton 157 days and Tim Montgomery 191 days.

In the mean time, check out the arbitrators' websites Patrice Brunet, Richard H. Mc Laren, and Christopher L. Campbell as we all wait patiently for this chapter to come to a close.