Thursday, September 20, 2007

The weekend ride

I stood there. I stood there savoring the moment. My heart was still beating fervently pumping blood and oxygen not yet aware that I was now standing by my bike looking over the ridge. Feel good in my King of the Mountain moment after pedaling my way up the road.

The view to the south down the valley opened up into suburbia and civilization. The view to the north was the next line of mountains to conquer. It was a good stopping point - an hour and two minutes into my ride. It was a good turn around point as well. Enjoy the moment. The air was bluer here and my heart rate was slowing rapidly. The accomplishment needed to be applauded and a strange realization of my motivations reflected upon.

I squeezed water from the bottle on my head first. The cool rivulets flowing down my face and back were a welcoming sensation. The heat in my cheeks subsided. I gulped down the rest of the water.

Motivation. Inspiration. Heroes. Sometimes it’s winning the race that motivates others to get out ride. Sometimes it’s an arbitration battle. For me it is the David and Goliath struggle between big bureaucracy and individual rights between the US Anti Doping Agency and Floyd Landis. It is the fallen champion battling to take back what is rightfully his, in a crusade to educate the public on science, civics and cycling that has inspired me to write senators and representatives. Something I haven’t done since fifth grade. Floyd you have motivated me to purchase a bike and hit the road, visit Colorado and watch a mountain bike race. The cycling industry owes you big time, and I am just getting started. In spite of the AAA ruling you are still my hero. The USADA case was just the dress rehearsal and I am ready to be “gullible” again and support the next round.

In an instant my thoughts were back to the reality of the descent and curving fluctuations of pavement. It was a good ride. I hope you have many more good rides.