Sunday, December 16, 2007

Clear and cold

Sunday December 9, 2007 -- The storm that brought rain on Friday and clouds on Saturday have cleared out. The wind was strong. The snow was evident on the peaks.

The views were extraordinary.

Every turn seemed to jump out and grab the eye.

At the top looking down on Glendora and the valley. The air quality was very good for the San Gabriel Valley. In the photo, the 57 Freeway is the road in the middle. Puddingstone Resevoir in San Dimas is to the left of the road.

It was quite breezy on the way down. I noticed the red-tailed hawk was flying lower than usual and its feathers were spread wide. A creature that lives in the sky was fighting the wind as much as I was. I could see the individual feathers on its tail. I wasn't fast enough to get a picture.