Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cloaked in Clouds

Saturday December 8, 2007 -- as everyone in Glendora headed towards the center of town for the annual Christmas Parade, I headed up the mountain. The clouds draped the mountains with ominous delight scaring off most and only a hardy few were out and about.

I met "Replacement Bike" guy headed up to Mt Baldy. He explained with the rain on Friday there were rocks and sand on the road. Poor conditions for motorcyclists, yet perfect for bicycling. A seven year veteran on the bike he said he had recently wiped out near Sierra Madre and took the opportunity to replace the bike.

The Toyon Berries or Catalina Holly Bushes were extremely festive and apropos to the holiday. The red berry is astringent which is to say don't eat it.

I had a good ride up to the "top" where GMR meets the Monroe Truck trail at mile marker 5.00. The panorama at the "top" just past the maintenance shed on GMR.