Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday January 20, 2008

Decided to head out 40 minutes earlier. The thermometer said 39F. More layers, but probably not necessary and they do weigh you down. Yes I do two days on the mountain back to back. Saturdays are stronger and faster, Sundays are slower.

There were more stops today and the heart rate monitor started with odd reports. High heart rate when I was breathing easy. Low heart rates on climbs. It finally settled in and started reporting correctly. Time to clean the chest band.

The skate board club was out today. They van up to the top and ride their boards down the mountain. A crazy lot indeed.

But since I was stopping a few more times on the way up, prior to marker 11.39 in a bit more "wooded" spot there were a dozen large rocks from fist size to a five pounder scattered across the lane. Chucking the rocks onto the shoulder I recalled Mr. Beanz' words as he tossed a rock off the road, "Clear a rock save a cyclist's life." Today I am a hero.

The connection was there, to the pedals, to the road and to nature. Was it the extra couple of hours of sleep? I decided that the real training physically and mentally happen on the second day when muscles complain slightly. I thought of Floyd's Steep Hill Interval Training and his 10% per week overload. Well, I am going farther on Sundays.

Took a moment at Newman point snapped pictures of Baldy.