Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend Rides

Saturday January 12, 2008 was a beautiful day. It was a good strong ride and for 10 minutes I kept up with two other riders. Road conditions were dry however, more dirt the consistency of sand was on the pavement. Plenty of rocks, pebbles to kick up as well. Wind conditions were mild. My reward is the best view ever from the top of Monroe Truck trail on GMR.

All along the ride was clear evidence of how the rain impacted the hillsides. Bulldozer tracks scrapped out a minimum of 12 inches for a shoulder.
This section of hillside shows the slipage from near the ridge at the top as the plants moved down. I believe this to be the section covered in the CBS/KCAL 9 report.

More erosion:

San Gabriel Canyon, Highway 39 and view out to Los Angeles :