Saturday, January 24, 2009


The well rested, well feed, well exercised "GMR" who showed up to work in early January wasn't to be found this week. A week of frustrations from all fronts, work, family, life in general reached a critical boiling point. What many would consider small problems, in the face of exhaustion mole hills fill the mental landscape.

When finally one has the time and the inclination to cycle, the weather was uncooperative. I debated about the "mist" versus the amount of time I would spend cleaning off the wet gravel from all the nooks and crannies of gears and shafts. I opted for a hike.

A lot of rocks have slid down the cliffs so the road and paths are wary. The beauty of the mountain could not assuage today's frustration and I resorted to the indoor Cycleops Pro 300PT. It is amazing that Cycleops can also pick up the signal from the Polar Heart monitor. Cross vendor communication is always iffy. The heart rate is the red line. The power output is the gold/yellow. There is debate between my triathlete brother-in-law about the usefulness of indoor training. Training of any kind is better than no training.

A year ago 29-Jan-2008 pre-injury ride looked like this:

Today's burn was 357 kcal (Polar) or 240 kjoules (Cycleops) of work. The endorphins are eroding the mole hills into oblivion.

Almost a year ago I sustained an injury to my left foot. I am hoping that I will be riding this February. I am ready for help and have discovered a custom foot insole that looks worthwhile. Wednesday, I will be scanned for eSoles at the Physical Edge.