Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good day for a ride

The rain on the previous day left plenty of rocks strewn across the road and a "rock run" truck had cleared them off the road by Sunday morning. The road dry, wheel friendly and lightly traveled was mine. It was a soul healing ride for inner and outer strength. My muscles reacted like it had been a year since the last upward push when in reality it was a mere week.

The Sunday ride allowed me to see a few friends and make new ones. After finishing catching up with Cathy from Bennett. I met Ben from Illinois, a Junior at Azusa Pacific University studying Communications. As he took a couple of pictures with his cell phone, I mentioned I had a website with pictures of the mountain. He already knew of it! He had directed his parents back east to take a look to see where he rides! Ben is prepping for a triathlon and can race 20 miles in an hour from APU to the first saddle and back in time for class at 9:30! He kept the pace up between the first saddle and the helicopter turnout. My mind froze when Ben mentioned it was -20F in Illinois in December. Those temperatures were mind boggling cold!

Note to Ben, please email GMR and I will send you the full size photos.

It was a rare day as all the foliage glimmered as the sun shone on the rain drops cupped in their leaves.

I love the clouds when I can ride.

Glendora Mountain Road was dry and rock free.

To my new found Illinois readers be warm! Each day we gain more daylight. :)

The first time to the maintenance shed since January 4, 2009.