Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lots of mountain time

I had a rare mid-week ride on Wednesday. The weather was cooperative and traffic fairly minimal. The mountain shading the road with an afternoon pattern of sunlight.

It was a rare treat to be high above the freeways on a weekday.

Saturday's ride

The Riverside Bicycle Club started from Cucamonga and rode up GMR to the maintenance shed then down to East Fork. They demonstrated a diverse set of mountain skills as the individuals arrived many minutes apart at the maintenance shed.

From the left: Marty, Tim, Chris, Hugh, Robin, Michael and Edith.

Michael's daughter is taking a vampire literature course. I have also been versed in the vampire lore from my offspring. Vampires represent the European aristocracy feeding on the life's work and blood of the lower classes.

Robin expressed her difficulty of the ascent with a one word expletive!
Now tell us really how you feel.

Tim was the first of the RBC to arrive and is training for the King of the Mountain events.

Chris was happy for the beautiful weather.

Marty felt they could make Baldy Village and wanted to eat apple pie at the Lodge.

Edith is the president of RBC

Accomplishments are best shown with how high one has travelled. This is 3000 feet of climbing.

Update from Edith: "RBC had a great ride down to Azusa. It was really windy coming around the dam. Robin pooped out excactly 5 miles from Rancho Cucamonga. Edith and Robin stopped at a little Mexican place. They waiter felt sorry for Robin and gave her an orange he had sitting on the counter for himself -- wouldn't take any money for it! Eating it and about 15 minutes of rest got her back to road readiness. "

Greg (not affiliated with RBC) was hydrated by the grace of good friends.

Jason of Bicycle Friends would like to ride to Baldy with me. I highly recommend his group should start riding the mountain on Saturday mornings when the weather is nice. I know we will meet.

Saturday was very special for me as my SDSR time was a new record. SDSR time: 32:55. Average speed 6.9 mph. Average watts 139. I pushed hard.

Sunday I got in a rare recovery ride. The weather was nice and folks passed me by. Met Johnny on the motorcycle and Cathy at the first saddle on the way down. The weather may bode rain in the coming days so I got in as much road time as possible.

>>correctly identified Chris and Marty on 08/10/2009