Saturday, February 14, 2009


Saturday February 14, 2009. It was a brisk morning. The sun warmed the air to ride to 45F at 9 am. The road was lightly traveled this morning.

First Saddle on the way up:

Click to get the full impact of the view from Newman's:

The a light dusting snow started around mile marker 7.0 and became chunks the size of a bicycle helmet up to the maintenance shed.

The motorcyclists were subdued in the use of speed as the wet snow melted on to the road. A wise thing to do in order to keep the bike upright. I noticed that I received respectful waves from the bikers.

Side shot of shed. Notice how the sun was hiding behind clouds. Temperature was 47F and felt colder.

Down to the fork. Greg said he walked his bike down this section of road. He got as far as fork plus five or "the bottom of the wall".

GMR at the top of Monroe Truck Trail:

I had on three layers going up and could have used two more layers going down. Balaclavas were popular attire today. I finally warmed up here about 54F.

SDSR time was 34:35.