Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday Ride

The afternoon sun was warm around 64F and the wind played games with the clouds making the day instantly bright and then shadowy dark.

The first hour on the road it was mine. Two cyclists had passed me by the ranger station. They were seen descending before the first saddle. I stopped and rubbed my toes as the new eSoles in my shoes made my arches happy and my toes crunched. Two cyclists were moving up the road, the one mentioned he switched riding partners and was on his second round. They meandered and I hung on for as long as possible.

The view from Newman's reminded me of why I enjoy the risk of the road. Motor traffic had picked up significantly after 2:00 pm. there were a half a dozen or more motorcycles in their racing leathers. The auto traffic also seemed particularly dare devil with their speed.

The beauty was tempered with thought of the collision the day before beween motorcycle and bike.

SDSR time was 33:30. Pretty good for the head winds in the third mile were strong.