Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Road Maintenance

Between mile marker 9.06 and 8.69 the outside lane has sunk where water has pooled. The Public Works crew were putting in a structure for pipes to move the water off the road and away from cliff side.

John of the Public Works crew.

Crane work.

The pipes are the long silver cylinders in the back. John is in the foreground.

It's lunch time and the men were resting in the heat of a sterling day. Leaving the site available for curious photographers.

The sun brought out many to the mountain this morning. Motorcycles, cars, bicyclers. However there were long stretches of the road to myself. Therapy of the soul. A luxury to having a mid week ride. A great SDSR time of 33:00. Average speed 6.9 mph. Average watts 141.

It was a day for soul maintenance as well. Great weather. Great ride. Great timing. Great feelings.