Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Ride

Auto traffic was a bit racier today, like a road rally. A diverse group of vehicles: Nissan, Honda, Mini Cooper, Corvette and a Lotus to name a few. Plenty of red convertibles tearing up the road.

Adobo velo were out riding to the ski slopes above Baldy Village preparing for their Tour de Francis Castic Ride. Watch their site. There were plenty of cameras capturing action shots. Rosalie caught up with me around mile maker 11.39 and paced me to the shed. Nice to have the company!

It started chilly and the clouds scattered lightly across the sky. The beauty of the autumn day warmed up between the clouds.

Watch the islands of the San Gabriel Damn disappear with the seasonal rainfall.

Hillside burned in the Morris Fire bloomed with the recovery from the bit of rain three weeks ago.

My spirits were pleasantly high today after a grueling week at work. Sun, sky, clouds, mountains. Good for the soul. Good to be alive.

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