Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Ride

There are days when the soul needs comforting in the solitude of a bike ride. To get away from work and worry, to move one's mind from family responsibilities and societal etiquette to the primary purpose of life: movement. The heart pumping blood: movement. The lungs expanding and contracting with air: movement. The brain sending electrical signals: movement. The legs churning pedals: movement. Focus. The necessity of focusing the mind on the body to push through the stillness of the road a luxury and a necessity. Life is movement.

The clouds that brought rain at 3:00 am are breaking up.

Around mile marker 7.0, Felix and Francis pass me on the down hill. I catch them on the eight percent uphill slope as I pushed to the shed. My lead narrows and Felix takes the first position. They are kind and compliment me with the word strong. I am chasing the imagined rabbits.

Just leaving the shed, Chris and Mike are on their way to Crystal Lake. It is a bit chilly up there!

The view from Newman Point is always good for repairing the soul.

Sun brings hope and renewed life.

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