Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Night

Windy. Enough to blow the bike around. Thoughts of turning around and going back every ten minutes flashed through the brain. Kept on pedaling. A few hardy souls coming down the mountain. Areas of the mountain that are normally windy weren't all all the rest were challenging. Ben of Azusa Pacific University breezed uphill at a high cadence against the wind! Amazing. Met Wade, Matt and Nick of SC Velo at the top. Saw them again at the SC Velo meeting at 7 pm. Matt said it was the first time since summer and the Morris fire that he was on GMR. Mt Wilson had good climbs when the forest was closed. We discussed whether tonight was colder than Saturday? Lets review: Saturday I had farther to descend, clouds, humidity and no ski gloves. Tonight shorter descent, drier, the setting sun, and ski gloves. My toes and fingers voted for Saturday as the colder ride. But tonight the foot cramp and keeping upright from the gusts of wind made the ride more difficult. And yes I would do it all over again!


Hillbasher said...

Was up there Monday afternoon as well. As I went around the corner at Newman's Point, the wind was so strong that it almost brought me to a complete halt as I pedaled uphill. Some of the strongest winds I have ever ridden in. But the ride was well worth it. Think I saw you as I was getting towards the bottom, but not really sure, as we have never been formally introduced. LOL.

GMR said...

I was on a tight schedule Monday night with the SDSR meeting plus the wind chill, but we must meet up soon! The time change is coming with warmer weather and longer sunshine hours meaning more time for riding and chatting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this blog and the excellent photos! I am student at the Claremont Colleges planning to bike Glendora Ridge Road for the first this Friday (weather permitting). Reading over your posts has been very helpful for me to know what to prepare for. Any other advice you can share with me?


GMR said...

The last place for water between Glendora Mountain Road and Baldy Village is at the equestrian center at GMR and Boulder Springs. I have seen folks come without water/hydration/power drink or just not enough liquid that puts them in harm’s way. Even though it is winter, breathing out contains moisture. So hydration is still essential. For tomorrow the other thing is to watch the weather. I have a couple of links on the website. Check the weather "hourly" on for Glendora and Baldy. Bring extra warm clothing for the descent, if the temperatures call for it. The past few days it has been 44-49F when I rode and it makes the descents bone chilly. There could be rain on Saturday. If you do go, make sure to come back in a month as it is great in the spring time. Food. Not certain what you bring in way of food, but I found my winter body was shocked when I went farther than my normal winter pattern of the shed.

Your plan is to ride on Friday. The traffic is lighter on a weekday and is safer all around. Not certain of the snow level in the village but it has been warm enough that ice and snow should not be a factor other than drivers/autos wanting to take family up for the adventure.

Going down Baldy road is fast. There are a couple of tunnels inhibiting visibility. In the dark the drivers don’t see you. The road is narrow and hefty sized rocks tumble down the mountain side. One buddy Jason had a near miss and survived. It is a fast descent down Baldy Road. Fast, narrow, the drivers aren't watching for you, and rocks are falling. Wow, yes you should absolutely do it. I think it is a great ride. If you are coming from Claremont area Baldy Road makes perfect sense.

I hope you also plan to either ride or watch the San Dimas Stage Race March 19-21.