Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friday and Saturday

The wind whipped down the canyon at gusts of 20-40 mph. The clouds overhead hid the sun from view. The challenge of staying on the road, and staying upright were paramount to the Friday ride. Pedaling harder with little gain but still making progress put 1/27/2012 in the top ten hardest days on Glendora Mountain Road. Matt, Bill and I rode on. Our fortitude against the invisible force that at times swept us upward and then just as surprisingly pushed us over the edge, kept us strong. At the large turnout near the yellow box, a big gust of wind through dirt and dust into our eyes and mouths. One rider coming down reported it was "Windy at the top". We persevered to Newman's Point. It was an easy decision to head down, but it was not easy to start the downward wending. At the bottom it was a relief to have made it there and back again without incident. Well, almost.

Saturday morning. Pre-ride. My front tire was flat. The wind whipped up all the brush and thorns. One thorn a quarter of an inch was deep in my tire. Bill replaced the tube and the Saturday ride was on.

What a difference a day makes. The winds were calmer and the day gloriously bright and sunny. I thought I saw Ruby fly by and I pursued until my steam ran out. Two back to back days. The wind resistance provided more exercise than I thought from Friday. The muscles said "You want to do what?". The last time I rode back to back was July 4th weekend. Was that an eon ago?

I saw Jason heading down the hill on his green fixie. He turned around and rode with me a piece. We compared our winter exercise strategies. Jason on rollers and I on stationary equipment. We toughed out the winter daylight hours waiting for more daylight hours. While I pedal indoors in the wee early morning hours I watched the 1993 Le Tour de France, the year Miguel Indurain won his third tour. Lance Armstrong, Johann Bruyneel and Bijarne Riis all took a stage that year. So its an exciting tour. Just as we round Coyote Corner a large coyote was on the road. Jason sped up to scare it off. It ran along the yellow line in the middle of the road with Jason in hot pursuit shouting at it. It jumped down to the right then reconsidered and ran back across the road to run up the hillside. At mile marker 10.49 Jason headed back down the mountain.

A fairly quiet Saturday ride after Jason left. Prior to the shed I led a rider up the last incline. Scott past me by and I hung on his wheel up to the shed. Yes I still have a bit of power left on day two. Matt joined in and we chatted with Scott and Alex at the shed. Seven miles does not register as a commute to work, Scott. I am envious. Hopefully the spring daylight will motivate you to ride in the morning.

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It was really nice seeing you and Bill.