Thursday, January 5, 2012

This is winter?

It was a sunny and warm winter day, so of course I  headed for GMR.  My time to the shed was a bit slower than usual because I decided to go up in some higher gears.  There were a few other riders on the road, as well as some skate boarders, but almost no motor vehicle traffic.  The attached picture shows my Garmin and my stem cap thermometer when I was stopped at the shed.  The altitude shown on the Garmin is a bit low - it usually reads about 3500' - because of the air pressure is up a bit from normal and that affects the
Garmin's barometric altimeter.  In any case, you'll note that the temperature is a tad over 80 degrees - Southern California winters are really severe!

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Mr. Beanz said...

Yeah, winter is a killer around here ha ha! It was 82 last week when I rode with Hillbasher. One thing I like about my Edge 500, has a window for the temp. Although that stem cap thermo is pretty cool! ;-)

Now to find some warm winter cycling duds ha ha!