Saturday, March 31, 2012


Good week for riding. This week was my inaugural ride on Wednesday evening. Immediately my legs felt out of position, awkward. Yes, I told them we are going for a ride and it glorious.

Saturday morning the clouds enshrouded the ridge line. No excuses, legs we are going on a ride.

While I know every curve and crack in the road, every corner seemed to be the same contrasted with the grey sky. My legs asked "Are we there yet?" Silly legs. Of course not.

A string of runners trekked up the hill. I met up with Herb and Alyce comrades of Mr. Beanz out for a spin. It was good to touch base.

The Riverside Bicycle Club were on the road and made for great company. Bart Black cruised past before the stone wall. Deanna had a good clip. Brian Sable and  Bill Stapleton dovetailed me from before Newman's to the shed. Bill had an excellent cadence and the right tempo, amazingly it was his first time on the road. We had a beautiful peak of Baldy in the rare moment of sun riding up to the shed. Wow it looked good.

I dallied at the shed too long nearly half an hour then headed out to the Experimental Forest. The moment I got on Glendora Ridge Road, I had the hairs on the back of my neck say turn around. Nope, onward we go legs.  Like an ancient sailor venturing into new territory, "There be dragons!" They were small, furry and squirrel sized. They were hunting me in packs of eight. Running around and twittering. They seemed down right, well squirrely. "Hehehehe, you dash in front of the cyclist." they taunted each other. "I double dog dare you!"

 It was slow as visibility was low. Glendora Ridge Rode was eerily quiet in the grey solitude. Determined I plowed on. The wind blew stronger along the ridge. No excuses, keep going. I was glad for the dry base layer. The windbreaker and warm cap. I did miss my Gore jacket.

The visibility on the return trip was limited to five feet. The glasses were fogged with moisture and did not help. Droplets formed on the helmet and dripped off. So the ride back was slow until the first saddle where the visibility was clear and the clouds higher in the sky. Good to be on familiar territory where I can see where I am going. The ride completed. Not too much wet. So a good ride in deed.

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