Friday, March 9, 2012

San Dimas Stage Race TT Arial View

View of the Glendora Mountain Road Time Trial from above. Bill has marked it with the 2012 new start and finish lines. The change is to accommodate the officials, so they can see the riders unobstructed on the right. But from a rider's stand point who has trained for many years, it does through you for a loop having practiced for the first mile, the second mile, the third mile, etc. Certainly it takes out more flat and puts in more up, however I have not yet refreshed my own mental cache or my legs to the new start and stop.
My ride today to the first saddle was warm to hot. I tried the new hydration product called Secret Drink Mix. I had stopped using a sport drink for the winter and used water only. Could have been the taste buds needed a break from the brand I used. Also the body needed a break from the calories in the drink. So I chugged the new drink by Allen Lim. I'll give it a few more tries.

Ernst of SCVelo


JM said...

Give us a full review of Lims secret drink mix I've been thinking about trying it and would like to hear what you think.

GMR said...

JM -

Will provide a full review of the secret drink mix after a few more test runs. With summer coming hydration is important. I am liking it better the second time as I did use closer to the prescribed powder to water ratio.