Saturday, January 5, 2013

First ride of 2013

I tested out the new Keo-Look Polar power pedals. I had to get accustomed to the new feel and just clipping in and out. It was nice to have power and cadence readings. Jason wanted a full photo of the power meter. Well, you're looking at it. There are eight strain gauges completely housed in the pedal and you can see the transmitter with the Polar logo proudly displayed.

We counted five or more tow trucks on the road today.

The New Year's Eve over the side vehicle was still being searched for at mile marker 8.44. The tow trucks are in the blue circle near the top right. The car is on the slope in the red circle. Bill brought his new camera with 50x zoom.

Pretty awesome zoom.


Jason Castillo said...

Cool power meter, a full review is a must.

Scary crash but drivers really need to slow down.

I ran into a fellow Mt. Fixie Friend, John P and I was telling him how it's been to long since my last ride with you.

I keep looking for you. I guess I start too early.

Mr. Beanz said...

Wow,nice zoom! But for some reason I thought you'd be in the big ring climbing GMR with that new poweremeter ha ha ha! ;-)