Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunday Ride

I went for a ride on Sunday afternoon. It had been dry for the previous two-three hours. The sun peaking between the clouds. The ridge looked great from San Dimas.

Normally I ride a bike, but today I ended up washing my socks, my gloves, my jacket while I was wearing the gear. Or to say, you get much wetter going downhill than you do uphill in the rain.

There was a small patch of hail pelting me on Sierra Madre. I hope the electronics survived the splashing.

I thought of Levi Leipheimer's quote about a miserable day in the Tour of California, "It's like stepping into a cold shower and riding for six hours." My stint was much shorter.


Jason Castillo said...

This winter has got me down and out, and uninspired to ride.

Riding in the rain is hard. I remember a few years back you and I riding in the cold wet rain.

I remember as the motorcycles sped past being thankful for the warmth provided by the heat of their engines.

Glendora Mtn Road said...

Yes, I do remember that cold wet day as we soft pedaled down the mountain to keep the muscles warm. It was the one time when we wished for motor vehicles to come by with their warm exhaust to blow on our bones.