Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saturday Along the Road

Skateboarders rolled down the road balancing on a thin sheet of wood. The roar of the wheels created a harmony with the pavement. Bending low they clasped the board to hug the turns, vigilant to a stray rock or an odd ridge of tar that lined the cracks of worn asphalt. They descended with a unity of wheels, road and board.

Saturday, the skateboarders put their boards aside and walked the pavement. Armed with large clear plastic bags, they bent down and grabbed fast food bags, aluminum cans, drink bottles, cigarette cartons, and high energy food wrappers strewn along the edge. The back of the pick up trucks filled with bags of trash. The forest breathed.

And for the rest of us, a simple rule holds true. Pack out what you pack in.  Throw that carton, can or container back into your car, your bike or your backpack. Put the empty wrappers in jacket pockets. It's lighter now and it crumples so it fits.

The community of skateboarders earned a mountain of respect. They stepped up to a task that few of us do and all of us can enjoy.  For those Saturday heroes my gratitude and thanks.

Thank you.


Jimbo said...

I want to add my thanks too. Nice work you guys.

Mr. Beanz said...

That was cool of them! I have seen plenty of cyclist trash up on GMR the last few times I was up there. More cyclists ride the road now more than ever. I hope they would all show the road some respect. ;-)