Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday Ride

An afternoon ride in the warm sun felt more like summer than autumn. My legs were stiff and less cooperative. My performance sagged. Then motivation caught up with me, and talked me up the hill. Scott encouraged my tempo a bit faster. The corners were sunny and hot with no wind. Fortunately it was late enough to have plenty of shade. Scott had the scoop about the latest over-the-side vehicle at Coyote Corner (mile marker 10.63). Two men stood on the berm looking down the hillside. Accessing the remaining vehicle, the father of the driver and a towing service operator surveyed the damage. The vehicle had rolled over several times. The driver was recovering.

First saddle was enough for both of us. Scott descended while I stayed and chatted with Robert from Parliament of Owls. He had tales of mountain lions from here to the Santa Monica Mountains.

The after glow of a bike ride and the pleasant surprise of friends always feels sweet.

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