Friday, February 20, 2015

Road Conditions

Three hydraulic oil slicks on Glendora Mountain Road between mile marker 8.89 and  5.51. Translated from the new culvert with new section of road to the shed. Department of Public Works personnel were soaking it up with dirt. Make sure the first lap is the visual on road conditions. The spills were extensive and covered both lanes in areas.

This was one of two cars pulled up from mile marker 6.8 (the down hill before the shed). It was 400-500 feet below the road and was hidden from view. Here the auto is nearly up the hillside.


WednesdayGMRCarl said...

Rode up GMR to the junction with GRR Wednesday morning. The oil spots, as much as we could discern them, didn't seem too bad and were mostly on the uphill side of the road. There also little sand at sites. We still descended cautiously, as always!

Unknown said...

If this is the guy hopefully he is caught.