Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

Rain pattered on the house in the early morning. By day break the big drops diminished to soft mist. The road was wet and Jason wanted to ride. I drove the course.

Glendora Mountain Road glistened with water and littered with small rocks dislodged from the hillside. Only the very die-hard riders were out. The weather conditions did not fit with Jason's goal of Fork Plus Four.

We left at 1:30 pm just missing the small window of sun for the day. The road was thankfully dry. Now just to dodge the small rocks.

Coyote Cub Corner did not disappoint.

Bear remains laid on the side of the road before the curve fragrant to the nose. The story behind its demise untold and unknown.

The buzzards perched in their tree kept a close watch on us.

After a quick stop at the maintenance shed, we descended to the fork. The first four miles of the four were rolling hills. The visibility decreased as we ascended. The clouds clung to us like a warm moist blanket. We could see about twenty feet ahead of us.

What's over there? Jason pointed to the right of the road. San Dimas Experimental Forrest. And what's over there? Jason pointed to the left of the road. San Gabriel Canyon and mountains. The road ahead enveloped in gray, we laughed over the phase, What hill?

The last mile from five to six was the wettest. Jason achieved his goal plus two more. An excellent ride.

The journey's profile.