Sunday, June 21, 2009

What a difference a day makes

The morning started off similar to Saturday's grey cold wet clouds, however the sun burst through the marine layer to give us a great Father's Day!

The maiden voyage of my newly acquired Specialized Ruby Expert Triple. Well third time is a charm. First time, I didn't have the Polar CS600 updated for CS Speed Sensor (WIND) and circled back from Sierra Madre and Glendora Mountain Road. Second time I had a record for half the SDSR. I cut the ride short for a fitting appointment at Incycle. Bill, in his mechanic role gets kudos for having adjusted the bike saddle spot on. Third time up GMR, I slacked off with the heat. It was 85F. The wind was blowing big time. Most likely the reason the clouds are gone.

Happiness is a new bike.

Met Pittsburgh Rick on my way down who was visiting family.


Bicycle Friends said...

That bike sure is pretty! Nice to see you finally put some miles on it! Maybe next ride to Mt. Baldy?

RLOYOLA0426 said...

nice bike! my roubaix has white bartape do you clean it? i know you're bike is relatively new so it won't be dirty yet, but how do you plan on cleaning and keeping the bartape white? please share your tips!