Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wet Ride

"Better to be two minutes slower and alive to ride tomorrow."

With a hot Wednesday ride searing in my brain, the marine layer was a cool respite, lulling the wistful into thinking that the sun would break through or the ability to ride high enough to get above the clouds. Foolish me bringing more water than warmth. Fork plus was on my mind. I had time and inclination to go farther.

The clouds grew thicker and closed in tighter, as Jason and I wound our way along the hill. Matt joined us briefly with a first hand weather report. Wet. The road with a layer of moisture was dry 45 minutes earlier.

Under the tree at the shed there was a dry spot to sit. A pair of cyclists who road Highway 39 up "Little GMR" stopped for a moment. The traffic was heavier in the canyon. Noticing the unusual manufacturer of the other cyclist's bike "Townsend", he explained it was his own custom build. Neat.

Visibility on the way down was very poor. Water was actively pinging the glasses. The white line of the edge of the road delineated between road and not road. Braille riding. Familiar curves, and bumps in the road guided us down. We stopped several times to wipe the glasses clear. A pair of motorcycles passed us near the first saddle, the hot exhaust was a warm welcome as the thin jacket now moist provided little comfort.

Riders with less protection passed us by. Jason took to alerting those going up it only got worse!

The last downhill before the bottom of Monroe, three deer were on the road. Amazingly fast they bounded up the steep hillside, disappearing into the brush.

It was good to get home. Wipe off the bike and take a short warm shower.

In late breaking news, Matt captured how not to park your car on Glendora Mountain Road. Location near Newman's point.

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