Monday, August 3, 2009

Metal versus Carbon

Saturday I was headed home back from Fork plus Four. The rolling hills and the fast descent, I shifted into the biggest front gear and the smallest back gear. Shifting has been problematic of late on the new Specialized Ruby. The cables have stretched. Well, I lost my chain in the back and this was what happened when metal meets carbon.

The Saturday trip to Incycle, they adjusted things. I hadn't really looked at my bike, until Sunday when I went to clean it. I have my glasses on to see the dirt and the latest imperfection.

Two of the repair guys thought it was cosmetic.

Up close.

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Bicycle Friends said...

I guess this can be considered a Battle Scar. So when you are at the local pub and Tom Boonen, Floyd Landis and Christian Vandevelde are telling stories about crashes and wounds you can chime in with your stories of chain rub and suicidal squirrels.