Monday, August 24, 2009

Road Work Ahead

The Electronic Sign flashed a message tonight. Road Work Ahead. Drive with Caution. Lots of sandy silt on the right edge of the road. New bright orange dots to go along with the white DWP markings. A few patches of tar. Glendora Mountain Road still paved and intact, no upheavals yet.

Freeway traffic was not in my stars tonight, so it was a late start at 6:24 pm. Just enough time to get in the time trial before the darkness of night descended upon the road. Must have been Ladies Night Out. Saw Joan, Cathy plus friend heading down the mountain. Great to see you! There were two additional ladies I passed on the way up. I complimented them as I breezed past. One joked, could you give me a lift? I barely heard them as I was pounding that mile. I did set a new record for myself: 28:40 or 30 seconds better than two weeks ago.

While I had no time, light or camera for pictures. Bill had all three on his morning around Bonelli. Folks might think these are cute, cuddly little guys. I on the other hand get apprehensive at the mere sight of these chipper, buck toothed, inquisitive fellows.

Nightmares of squirrels danced in my head. Bill also sent me this scene of tranquility, a great heron.

I shall sleep well. Good weather. Good pavement. Good ride.

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