Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In Broad Daylight

Ron captured this bit of speeding and reckless driving, Monday August 17, 2009. Witness every driver crossing the double yellow line on a blind curve!

Glad you're alive man!


BicycleFriends said...

Wow, that really upsets me. Those drivers are putting themselves and everyone else who rides GMR in danger.

The last time I was up GMR was scary enough with the Crazy Motorcyclist who came within inches of us.

GMR needs to be closed to motor traffic!

GMR Motorist said...

Motor traffic pays taxes to keep the road open. I know you're upset and using some hyperbole for effect but try to keep it in check.

Those last two guys were pretty outrageous though, that corner is completley blind and unsafe to cut in any situation.

BicycleFriends said...

No hyperbole here, those drivers captured on film are putting people in danger and a motorcyclist did come within inches of me on my last ride up GMR.

Closing GMR may not be the best solution, but more often than not I observe Motorist on GMR NOT observing the law, either by crossing the middle line or speeding. In some cases both!

GMR said...

Please see the Triumph bike and BMW that collided at the same location in February.

I was in the lead traveling on the right hand side of the road on top of the white line that denotes the edge of the pavement, the road bends to the right around a similar blind corner. I had no visual, no auditory preparation for that moment when on coming traffic, a motorcyclist decided to cut the corner and pass less than six inches from myself.

News has it that with the amount of maintenance done on GMR, the road will remain open to all.

GMR said...

GMR Motorist said.
There are also laws about obstructing the normal flow of traffic that cyclists break all the time crawling up steep grades like GMR.

Cyclists and motorists are never going to get along so its stupid to debate here but just dont go spouting off about closing the road to motor traffic.

Nobody condones what those guys in the video were doing or what those monkeys on youtube do up there at night but there are plenty of us who keep it in our lane and would like to continue to enjoy the road as well.

We're not going around to try to deny you your choice of recreation so dont go campaigning to deny us ours.

GMR said...

RayClone said:
I ride a bicycle on GRR from Baldy Village to GMR & back over 100 times per year since 1982 - that is 27 years and over 67,500 miles on this road. I wish we had a centerline on this portion of the road. The close calls from motor vehicles are some of my scariest experiences. Unfortunately it just gets worse (more of them) every year. I hope I am not run over.

Ray K. www.rayclone.com

BicycleFriends said...

And those darn squirrels! That's really the problem. We need to ban squirrels from GMR as well. I know a girl who was taken out by one of those wretched creatures. We need to add them to the list too.

So lets just get rid of motorist, skateboarders, joggers, squirrels, hunters, bicyclists, photographers, power walkers, and everyone else in an effort to keep GMR safe!

Unknown said...

well I ride a motorcycle in there , and all the time i ride in there I c bycicles in the midle of the lane some times even close to the yellow lane why dont you guys ride your bycicles close to d curb, one after i did a corner right at the end of the corner was three bycicles like blocking the whole lane i allmost crashed on them, so you guys better watch out because next time i will not put my life in danger trying to avoid bybcicles,and as far as i know the minimum speed in there is 25MPH, so I dont think bycicles do that going up .